Our Story

Established in 2016, Line & Length’s sole mission has been to honour the achievements and displays of cricketing excellence in history’s purest sporting form.

United by their unwavering love for the beautiful game, the collective minds of Line & Length set forth on a journey to ensure the baton of knowledge and appreciation for cricket and its legends was sufficiently passed on to the dynamic and evolving cricket audience.

Truth be told, the face of the game has changed in appearance over the years. New formats evoke enthusiasm from a new pedigree of gentleman, debatably for better or for worse, but certainly inevitable. 

Notwithstanding its contemporary cosmetic adaptations; We at Line & Length believe that the true beauty of cricket will forever remain beneath the surface unchanged, rooted, and truly celestial in its form.

That beauty is however not constrained through any singular lens, rather polarised by several equally stunning increments of brilliance.

A display of wit.
A battle of cunningness.
An exhibition of heart.
A bowler, who attempts to strike fear into his adversary with the fork-lightening of his deliveries.
A batsman, who’s rebuttal is an eloquent and effortless flow of well-formed and beautifully crafted strokes.
The sweet departing siren of leather from a willow blade as titans clash amongst a freshly manicured coliseum.

A true art form.

One that we at Line & Length will continue to champion from now until forever.